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The Pin Oak Community Clubhouse

The newly renovated resident's Clubhouse is centrally located at 3735 Pin Oak Drive.

Entry requires a key which is obtained at the Clubhouse office, one per household.


The Clubhouse is used for a variety of functions including Board of Directors' and committee meetings, social groups, events​ and library use. Please check the Calendar for up to date information on all Clubhouse activities.


For more information on social activities, please go to the Social Groups and Events page.

Video Courtesy of Barry Wright

The Clubhouse Library is used for meetings held by the Board of Directors and JBCC committees. It also provides residents an opportunity to select from a vast collection of books to read at their leisure. The library space is equipped with a flat screen television for high-quality video presentations (no cable TV) and teleconferencing. 

Private parties can be booked in advance (for a fee) with the onsite Property Manager in the Clubhouse office.*  Please review Clubhouse Rules and Regulations before requesting to reserve the Clubhouse. Use the Clubhouse Reservation Form for your reservation request. 

Clubhouse rules:

  • Long tables and chairs are provided for private parties only and may not be removed from the building.

  • Facility must be left clean with garbage disposed of in the container located at the side of the building

  • No food or drink is to be left in the refrigerator

  • You are responsible for cleaning the rooms after use including the refrigerator and floors.

  • No furniture may be taken out of the clubhouse for personal use

  • Children are required to have adult supervision for any function

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