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Waste Management

Bulk Pickup

For bulk pickup, call: 772-546-7700


If a holiday falls on a weekday, residential collection will be delayed one day for the remainder of the week. For example: If the holiday falls on Monday, then Monday's collection will be on Tuesday. The one-day delay will occur for each day of the week. If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, there will be NO delays.                           













Trash and Recycling

Trash days are Tuesday and Friday. Recyclables are Fridays only. Please remember to bring covered trash containers and recycle carts to the edge of your driveway no earlier than the evening before the trash pickup and recycling days (6 p.m. or later).

Recycling Cart Use

Be sure to "Recycle Right" by including clean, dry and empty cardboard, paper,

bottles and cans in your recycling bins. DO NOT place plastic bags, clothing, batteries

or flammable items in your recycling bins. For more Information:

Recycle Cart Frequent Asked Questions

For more information, call Martin County Utilities at 772-221-1442 or


Yard Debris Day

Wednesdays are the only day for yard debris pickup. Please remember to place yard debris at the curbside of your property; not in the street, no earlier than Tuesday evening (the night before pickup day).





Third Monday of January

Last Monday of May


First Monday of September

Fourth Thursday of November

Fourth Friday of November




One day delay

Normal scheducle

Normal schedule

One day delay

One day delay

One day delay

One day delay

Normal Schedule

Normal schedule

One day delay


New Year's Day                        

Day after New Year's Day        

Martin Luther King Day              

Memorial Day                  

Independence Day                    

Labor Day      


Day after Thanksgiving      

Christmas Eve  

Christmas Day        

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