Lawncare and Landscaping

Lawn Fertilization and Pest Control

Tony’s Pest Service takes care of fertilization, insecticide, and weed control. Upon request to the Property Manager, Tony’s will spray for fire ants on private property. They do not cover fleas, ticks, grubs, nematodes, woody weeds, wild Bermuda or carpet grass, and fungus. In addition, they do not do interior pest control. Here is the treatment schedule:

  • Lawns: Six (6) liquid weed/fertilizer control services (every other month) and two (2) granular fertilizer services (Spring and Fall)

  • Shrubs: Four (4) liquid pest control services (Quarterly) 

  • Palm Trees: Two (2) root drenching services (Spring and Fall). Note: Excludes certain types of palms, e.g., cabbage palms

  • Each home is visited twelve (12) times annually because some treatments are combined.

Lawn and Landscaping Maintenance by M&M

M&M mows, edges, trims hedges, sprays for weeds (in planting beds and driveways), and does the irrigation maintenance and lawn sprinkler adjustments for the community. They do not trim hedges or palm trees that are over 12 feet in height, as part of the HOA contract. Any additional work is at the owner’s expense.

Mowing Schedule

Trimming Schedule

Wet Check Schedule: monthly check for proper functioning of lawn irrigation system

Owner’s Responsibility

M&M maintains the planting beds that were originally established when the home was built. Any additional planting beds are to be maintained by the homeowner.

Homeowners are advised to maintain mulch or HOA-approved stone in planting beds visible from the street or a neighbor.  M&M will mulch plant beds and charge accordingly. Helpful Tip: Stones can be used instead of mulch. Check with the HOA Office before putting down stones and read Stone Guideline.

Contact the property manager if you have any issues or questions about lawn and landscaping, fertilization, pest control or the irrigation system.