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Jensen Beach Country Club Association, Inc.


  Amended: April 18, 2019 and June 16, 2022

All homeowners must obtain approval from either the Property Manager (see Option 1 below) or the AMC (see Option 2 below) prior to painting their house.

In an effort to maintain the best appearance of the community and preserve homeowners’ investment, this standard and procedure for changing the paint color or repainting a house is in place. 

  • The Architecture and Modifications Committee (the AMC) will adopt and manage a pre-approved color palette book. Color samples are Sherwin Williams paint colors that are identified by name and color number. Assistance with colors can be obtained by contacting Sherwin Williams at 772-232-1680 or from the HOA Office.


  • General paint guidelines are as follows:

    • Stucco: flat or low luster paint

    • Trim, including window surrounds, door(s) surrounds, shutters and facia: complementary color

    • Garage doors: house or trim color

    • Front door:  color does not require approval

    • No two houses next to each other can be painted a similar base and trim color

    • Homeowners can use any paint manufacturer


Option 1: Select Sherwin-Williams pre-approved colors from our online resource or from the Association Office:

  • Pre-approved colors (colors sorted by color number)

  • Pre-approved color schemes (body and trim colors sorted by scheme);

  • Jensen Village color schemes (body, trim, and accent colors sorted by scheme; the body and trim colors from this collection colors can also be used in any neighborhood of JBCC)

Note: Submit selected paint names and color numbers to the property manager via an AMC Request Form for speedy approval (include paint names and color numbers for both body and trim).Click here for AMC Request Form.


Option 2: Submit a non-preapproved Sherwin-Williams paint name and color number to the AMC for review and approval (include paint names and color numbers for both body and trim). Click here for AMC Request Form.

Note: The AMC reserves the right to request the homeowners to paint a sample of the non-preapproved color(s) on the exterior of their home (12” x 12” sample), prior to final decision by the committee.


  • ​Newly-approved colors (from Option 2) will be added to the pre-approved color list by the AMC.


  • The Committee has 45 days from date of submittal of AMC Request Form to approve, deny or request additional information reasonably required of the application.

Notwithstanding the above, this policy does not pertain to minor repainting and touch ups as in the case of repairs to the home.



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